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Unfortunately we had technical problems. All registrations before 26.05.2021, 22:20 were not send to us.

    The main language of the congress is German.
    Translation needed: / La langue principale du congrès est allemand. J'ai besoin de traduction:

    I will participate on: / Je participe:

    After successful registration you will receive a confirmation email. / Vous recevrez un courriel de confirmation.

    Participation in BUKO 39 should not fail because of money, but neither should BUKO 39. This means that you can of course participate in the first BUKO online congress free of charge. At the same time the congress is connected with some costs, which are not covered yet. Therefore we ask you for donations with the subject "BUKO39" to the account of our supporting association:

    Our donation account:
    Verein zur Förderung entwicklungspädagogischer Zusammenarbeit
    Evangelische Bank

    IBAN DE 82 5206 0410 0006 4221 60

    Donations are tax deductible in Germany. Up to 200 EUR, the deposit slip is valid as a receipt for the tax office. The legal entity of BUKO is the Verein zur Förderung entwicklungspädagogischer Zusammenarbeit e.V., which also handles its financial transactions.