The signs are pointing to a storm: from India to South Africa, the USA, Europe to Mexico and Chile – in many places around the world, democratic- and social movements have taken over the streets in recent years. Predominantly young people are striking for climate justice worldwide. The passionate desire of people for change at the most diverse ends of this world, demands a moment of reflection. That is why it is finally time again for a BUKO Congress! Albeit a bit unusual, because BUKO 39 from 10 to 13 June 2021, will take place online this time.

In the face of the systematic violence of everything that structurally endangers life and the planet, the congress will offer internationalist activists space to network and address pressing issues from different angles. From the perspective of socio-ecological, worker union, queer-feminist struggles, anti-militarist and anti-racist movements, etc., we will look at local and transnational organizing worldwide. Through critique of relations of domination and discrimination, we will illuminate and discuss the possibilities and limits of a profound systemic change with and for global solidarity. It is a discussion about the whole! And even though the whole programme will take place digitally, we have thought up a few things to actively involve you in the congress. As always, the BUKO is what we all make of it! The congress is organized by a team around BUKO, together with many volunteers and partner organizations.

In 6 panel discussions (forums) and around 15 workshops, emancipatory visions of society will be developed, following the call for “System Change!”. The aim is to make visible some exemplary practices of solidarity towards global autonomy and equality for all and to make plans together for a good life for all. In a world of solidarity that preserves the foundations of life! Many things have to change. The question is, where to and how? And what role can left, emancipatory movements play in this? A solidarity-based systemic change from below is bitterly needed! And it depends on how well we can network and coordinate ourselves as emancipatory movements.

The three big challenges posed by the call for a System Change Now! for emancipatory visions of society – Why? Where? How? – guide the format of the BUKO Congress. Activists connected to the movements in the most diverse ways and from the most diverse places, such as Ashish Kothari, Sabine Hark, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Anna Cecilia Dinerstein, Uta Ruppert, Tahir Della, Dithi Bhattacharya, Nilüfer Koç, Dorothy Grace Guerrero and groups such as Women in Exile, Colombia Campaign and many more, meet. They will engage in an exchange from their respective positions and will formulate a contribution to the challenges that left, emancipatory movements face and should consider in the search for possibilities of systemic change. The following questions, among others, will drive our desire for an exchange:

How can global power relations and chains of exploitation be effectively attacked? How can struggles be linked transnationally and also locally? What can be common points of reference, points of attack and perspectives? How do we deal with power positions and privileges within and between movements? What kind of social infrastructure does a transnational movement of movements need today? Which already existing infrastructures can be expanded and how? What are the next steps to start now to (self-)determine our future in solidarity and radical-justice-democracy?

We are aware that we are not able to do justice to the infinite plurality of experiences and perspectives with BUKO 39 and we already deeply regret all the neglected moments. However, we would like to embark on a process with the Congress, with you. In order to enter into a hopefully long-lasting, constructive, future, solidarity-connecting confrontation for a good life for all, which one day will unleash its irrepressible power! Be there and bring all your friends and companions: We look forward to seeing you!