Dear participants of BUKO39 online,
we all want to experience exciting and relaxed days and therefore ask you to keep a few important things in mind when communicating with micro and in the chat:

  • If you like, please indicate behind your login name the pronoun you would like to be referred to by (she, he, etc.). If you don't want to do that, you can of course just not use a pronoun.
  • In general, communication rules apply, such as getting others to speak and letting them speak. At the same time, we take care to be brief and not to take up too much speaking time, so that all participants can contribute.
  • In the chat, too, we make sure to be brief and not to take up too much speaking or writing space.
  • We give factual feedback on content, not on people.
  • lease formulate your feedback in I-messages; for example rather "For me this is not comprehensible" instead of "This is nonsense!". "For me this is not comprehensible" instead "This is nonsense!"
  • Please watch your language. We do not tolerate offensive or discriminatory comments of any kind, such as racist, sexist/homophobic, anti-Semitic, ableist comments. We or the moderators will point this out and react with exclusion if necessary.
  • We want to treat all speakers and participants as equals. This also includes a non-paternalistic approach.
  • Last but not least: We deal with technology in different ways. Please make sure to support others in an unobtrusive way if they ask for it.

If your personal boundaries have been violated or you see ethical boundaries of a constructive exchange crossed and would like to talk about it, you can bring it up in the events, contact the moderation or even the awareness team by phone: